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Thai Massage Services

Is Thai Massage Really Good for You ?

During your Thai massage, you lie on a comfortable floor mat or on a massage table wide enough to accommodate your therapist and yourself. A traditional Thai massage also incorporates Ayurvedic principals and acupressure said to release blockages along energy lines.

The benefits of Thai massage are numerous and include[1]:

  • 1. Reduce muscle tension and spasms
  • 2. Mobilize the joints
  • 3. Improve blood circulation
  • 4. Improve balance and increase energy
  • 5. Treat sciatica, headaches and neck pain
  • 6. Improve mood and decrease anxiety and tension
  • 7. Help with osteoarthritis that can cause joint pain in the hands, knees, lower back, and neck
  • 8. Increase immune function


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